I feel that I need to update you, the reader, on things that are happening to the blog and the team consisting of my counter-part and peice, Joshua, and myself. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but last night around this same time, Joshua came to me through one of the only good programs that was released by AOL, AOL Instant Messenger. All he had to say to me was that I’m completely losing myself, and that every time he lays his eyes on me, all that he sees is shit. I sound like shit and even look like it almost 97% of the time I go outside of my house. 100% when indoors.

Well readers, I don’t hate Joshua at all for his words of anguish. Instead, I take them as words of truth and pity. Joshua has everything together for himself; some good grades, a good gal, and the power to shred. I, on the hand, am a loner who seeks someone and something to talk to, but when it comes down to it – I am a disappointment.
Tell you the truth, I have no reason for telling you this. None what-so-ever. Just feel like I need to be more open to those who read this rubish.

With Love and Squalor,
Ian C.


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