The Microphones – 2 New Songs; “Don’t Smoke” / “Get Off the Internet” (2006)


The Microphones – 2 New Hit Songs; “Don’t Smoke” / “Get Off the Internet” (2006)
By Ian Cruz

If I have ever heard three song titles that gave me the answer to all of my prayers those would be “Don’t Worry, We Can Still Be Friends”, and the two new Microphones’ songs “Don’t Smoke” and “Get Off the Internet”.

“Don’t Smoke” has Phil Elverum howling on the fact that minors are being foolish for wasting their money on cigarettes, and will end up paying the price with the possibility of dieing. It’s nice that the song is upbeat and has that old Microphones’ sound. Kind of makes up for the lecturing.

For a guy who religiously uses the Internet, I really dig the second song on this 7″, “Get Off the Internet”. It’s a beautiful tune, with a few “Oh”‘s and “Ah”‘s. Elverum’s words “We are the ones who are alive / So let’s start living” are sung in a passionate tone, but yet a smudge muffled. It’s all right though, what can you really expect out of a Microphones’ song?

(Lighten up)


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