I haven’t listened to Statistics in the longest time mostly due to Denver Dalley’s electronic beats, and songs that wouldn’t have a lasting effect on me, the listener. One of the only songs I felt that had a decent sound to it was “2 A.M.”, which was actually written by The Good Life’s (and Cursive…) Timothy Kasher. You can listen to Kasher’s acoustic version of the song over here. I prefer this version to the album version sung by Dalley.

Any-who, as for Mesa’s statistics – we’re growing in them numbers. The podcast is doing better than it has before, and the site is attracting much more attention than it was when we were on Blogger, and it has only been a few weeks. Now, I just have to find a way to actually write about things you readers like.

Most of you won’t comment this, or possibly even read this whole bit. But if you are reading, please tell your friends to check the site out, and listen to the podcast. It would be a nice treat for the people who spend their highs and their drunken buzzes, on the p-cast. They don’t do these things because they want to (except for Joshua Edds).

So, I leave you all until the next post on Saturday, which will bring a new podcast for download. Until then, listen to all your favorite albums of ’06 and get off the internet. Find a buddy and go ice fishing (if you have ice).



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