Annuals – Be He Me


Annuals – Be He Me {7.6/10}
Ace Fu Records 2006
By Ian Cruz

Annuals is a band most people have not heard of. Being from a small town in North Carolina, this band has brought something new to the scene of music dealing with the sort of “indie/pop” sound with their debut album Be He Me. But not to worry about those elitists running around. They have not really found out about Annuals yet. If they did, their views on what good music is, and their “superior” ways would most likely change many minds; making opposing views on this album grow. So if a cowardly feeling overwhelms you right now, don’t worry about it. It will be gone soon enough.

The sounds of crickets among other insects begins Annuals’ Be He Me, with a quiet acoustic guitar that is followed by a string section. Being the albums first track, “Brother” makes for an impressive tune having a strong, and most certainly powerful, overture which the album’s poetic lyrics and melodies. Annuals have a very alluring tone, but their lyrics can be horrific with lines like “Well, it’s just my way of coping with this bleary-eyed baby girl dying on my kitchen floor” (“Bleary Eyed“).

Annuals seems to change styles of music with almost every song. Ranging from contemporary melodic songs to smooth reggae. It can be a little bit off at the reggae part in “The Pull and the Goat”, making their album a little less stand able. There are at times a loud, annoying howl from another vocalist in the band, but it doesn’t ruin the atmosphere of the album. In fact it does go well at times when it is done correctly on Be He Me.

Overall, this album is fantastic in almost everyway. It’s produced nicely and organized in a way that fits well. Every song is placed in the part of the album that enhances its’ being, placing Annuals’ Be He Me above the rest of the albums that have came out this past year in 2006.


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