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Anticipate the Glorious 2007 – a few downloads

January 4, 2007

According to the “Top CD’s to Ask For For Christmas” article that was posted back in ‘06, you should have asked for some albums from the greats like Cursive, the band that lost to Stephen Colbert in the Guitar Solo Challenge on The Colbert Report, The Decemberists, and Beck. But let’s face it. Even though Beck had a pretty pimp “make your own album design” cover, and Tim Kasher filled the whole Cohn left with a few brass players, these albums aren’t even close to the magic their predecessors hold. That’s why we have another year to look forward to with more hopeful, and high anticipated releases from some of our old favorites like Bright Eyes, Modest Mouse, and Jimmy Eat World. I’m not expecting much from some of these bands after hearing a number of the new songs that have been floating around on the net. But I will give each release its shot at being a break or bust.

Here are some tracks from a few albums that I have been anticipating since I heard their release dates.