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Canceled; Mesa Love Podcast – Ep.8

December 23, 2006

I remember that little green gecko who was Gieco’s mascot, being fairly humorous and cute. Now, we are watching these commercials with a caveman that complains all the time. They’re not funny or entirely entertaining. Some may have that one punchline at the very end that can revive the advertisement from being cut, but there are still a lot that have no appeal towards it’s viewers. It’s sad that the stations must rely on the money from their advertisers, and when they start noticing people aren’t watching the shows, they cancel them.

One of my favorite shows, Arrested Development, was canceled just last June after not receiving as many watchers as it deserved. Arrested Development, by Mitchell Hurwitz, was a show with a well developed cast of characters and the actors and actresses who played them. Playing the lead of the show who keeps a balance for his family, Patrick Bateman, who plays Michael Bluth, has done a magnificent job staring as a lead of a hit-or-miss show. In fact, the show had a strong fan base, and won an Emmy.

But now I am watching That 70’s Show(canceled after Topher Grace left), and it’s a good episode (the one where Red is Santa Clause). So, I will go ahead and stop, and just leave you with episode eight of the Mesa Love Podcast, The Top 15 Albums to Get Lifted to: Pt. 1 (another show that is losing ratings).



Top 15 Albums To Get Lifted To

December 19, 2006

People are always saying that what they love about tripping, is the feeling of floating, or the many laughs and peeing-of-the-pants that may occur. In my case, my favorite thing about getting baked is listening to some good albums that inspire me to do things I wouldn’t be doing now. If it wasn’t for music I wouldn’t be learning how to play the instruments I own, writing my repulsive reviews, or reading books. I’d be playing video games, while singing some Metallica. That sounds horrible.