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Wolf Parade – Live

August 9, 2006

Wolf Parade – Live
August 6, 2006
by Brett Hendges

Wolf Parade.

August 6th is a night filled with the hip shaking beats of this Canadian import from Montreal. My brother, my two friends, and I stood in line outside the Magic Stick, thoughts of unfavorable results start coming to mind. After the wait we venture inside and make our way up the stairs to pay, and get our hands stamped with an in-depth camera stamp. Our timing is exceptional; we get in, just in time to see the first band taking the stage. Holy Fuck, an electronica dance improv band from Toronto had me swaying where I stand. Solid beats from the bass and drums to there unique sounds coming from the barrage of keyboards. Holy Fuck’s performance tells me I’m in for a night of dancin’ beats.

Frog Eyes took the stage next, fronted by Carey Mercer, who sounds like he is spilling out every emotion he has left in him. I start to realize that I am not very found of this band. Wolf Parades Spencer Krug has played on The Bloody Hand, Frog Eyes’ debut.

Wolf Parade ascends the stage at last. It is a tight fit for the band, but they rocked it just as well. Opening with songs from their self-titled album and EP’s, their set was off to an amazing start. The crowd loves the show, with waves of dancing fans and arms in the air with shaking hips; it is a fine night for Wolf Parade. Continuing the set they played Apologies to the Queen Mary in its entirety, Fancy Claps gets the crowd clapping along and Shine a Light one of my favorites. Wolf Parade gives us a revelation when they grace us with a couple new songs, saying “this is the first time we played these on stage”. The new songs are amazing with Krug picking up a guitar and showing us he knows how to use it; the new material leaves me in anticipation. Wolf Parade sends me home swaying in my car seat, with their dance-tastic sound.

By: Brett Hendges