Anticipate the Glorious 2007 – a few downloads

January 4, 2007 by

According to the “Top CD’s to Ask For For Christmas” article that was posted back in ‘06, you should have asked for some albums from the greats like Cursive, the band that lost to Stephen Colbert in the Guitar Solo Challenge on The Colbert Report, The Decemberists, and Beck. But let’s face it. Even though Beck had a pretty pimp “make your own album design” cover, and Tim Kasher filled the whole Cohn left with a few brass players, these albums aren’t even close to the magic their predecessors hold. That’s why we have another year to look forward to with more hopeful, and high anticipated releases from some of our old favorites like Bright Eyes, Modest Mouse, and Jimmy Eat World. I’m not expecting much from some of these bands after hearing a number of the new songs that have been floating around on the net. But I will give each release its shot at being a break or bust.

Here are some tracks from a few albums that I have been anticipating since I heard their release dates.
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I was planning on writing something

January 2, 2007 by

But you may have to wait for later tomorrow, or keep checking back. We’ll when I get around to it.

Episode 009 – The Top 15 Albums to Get Lifted to: Pt. 2

December 31, 2006 by

The list continues with classic hits from Sigur Ros to The Beatles. Along with a live performance from Cloak & Dagger intern, Joshua Gillis.

Featured Music:

10. Sigur Ros – Untitled 3
9. Xiu Xiu – Bunny Gamer
8. Brand New – Guernica
7. The Beatles – You Never Give Me Your Money
6. Circulatory System – The Lovely Universe

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December 28, 2006 by

I haven’t listened to Statistics in the longest time mostly due to Denver Dalley’s electronic beats, and songs that wouldn’t have a lasting effect on me, the listener. One of the only songs I felt that had a decent sound to it was “2 A.M.”, which was actually written by The Good Life’s (and Cursive…) Timothy Kasher. You can listen to Kasher’s acoustic version of the song over here. I prefer this version to the album version sung by Dalley.

Any-who, as for Mesa’s statistics – we’re growing in them numbers. The podcast is doing better than it has before, and the site is attracting much more attention than it was when we were on Blogger, and it has only been a few weeks. Now, I just have to find a way to actually write about things you readers like.

Most of you won’t comment this, or possibly even read this whole bit. But if you are reading, please tell your friends to check the site out, and listen to the podcast. It would be a nice treat for the people who spend their highs and their drunken buzzes, on the p-cast. They don’t do these things because they want to (except for Joshua Edds).

So, I leave you all until the next post on Saturday, which will bring a new podcast for download. Until then, listen to all your favorite albums of ’06 and get off the internet. Find a buddy and go ice fishing (if you have ice).


The Microphones – 2 New Songs; “Don’t Smoke” / “Get Off the Internet” (2006)

December 26, 2006 by

The Microphones – 2 New Hit Songs; “Don’t Smoke” / “Get Off the Internet” (2006)
By Ian Cruz

If I have ever heard three song titles that gave me the answer to all of my prayers those would be “Don’t Worry, We Can Still Be Friends”, and the two new Microphones’ songs “Don’t Smoke” and “Get Off the Internet”.

“Don’t Smoke” has Phil Elverum howling on the fact that minors are being foolish for wasting their money on cigarettes, and will end up paying the price with the possibility of dieing. It’s nice that the song is upbeat and has that old Microphones’ sound. Kind of makes up for the lecturing.

For a guy who religiously uses the Internet, I really dig the second song on this 7″, “Get Off the Internet”. It’s a beautiful tune, with a few “Oh”‘s and “Ah”‘s. Elverum’s words “We are the ones who are alive / So let’s start living” are sung in a passionate tone, but yet a smudge muffled. It’s all right though, what can you really expect out of a Microphones’ song?

(Lighten up)

Canceled; Mesa Love Podcast – Ep.8

December 23, 2006 by

I remember that little green gecko who was Gieco’s mascot, being fairly humorous and cute. Now, we are watching these commercials with a caveman that complains all the time. They’re not funny or entirely entertaining. Some may have that one punchline at the very end that can revive the advertisement from being cut, but there are still a lot that have no appeal towards it’s viewers. It’s sad that the stations must rely on the money from their advertisers, and when they start noticing people aren’t watching the shows, they cancel them.

One of my favorite shows, Arrested Development, was canceled just last June after not receiving as many watchers as it deserved. Arrested Development, by Mitchell Hurwitz, was a show with a well developed cast of characters and the actors and actresses who played them. Playing the lead of the show who keeps a balance for his family, Patrick Bateman, who plays Michael Bluth, has done a magnificent job staring as a lead of a hit-or-miss show. In fact, the show had a strong fan base, and won an Emmy.

But now I am watching That 70’s Show(canceled after Topher Grace left), and it’s a good episode (the one where Red is Santa Clause). So, I will go ahead and stop, and just leave you with episode eight of the Mesa Love Podcast, The Top 15 Albums to Get Lifted to: Pt. 1 (another show that is losing ratings).


Episode 008 – The Top 15 Albums to Get Lifted to: Pt. 1

December 23, 2006 by

Kurt makes his return to the podcast to discuss the issues going on with the site and talk about nothing of importance. Listen in as we play the first few songs from the list.

Featured Music:
15. Modest Mouse – “Paper Thin Walls”; The Moon and Antarctica
14. The Cure – “Just Like Heaven”; Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
13. Broken Social Scene – “Lover’s Split”; You Forgot It in People
12. Of Montreal – “Your Magic Is Working”; Satanic Panic in the Attic
11. The Microphones – “I Felt Your Shape”; The Glow Pt. 2


Readers, Feeders, & 1337395 – Site Update 12/17 – 12/23

December 20, 2006 by

I’ve got this great idea! Starting now, the site is going to follow a kind of set update time that are mandatory for our blog.
If you have no clue what I am talking about, just keep reading on.

These are the days you will find our bi-weekly updates, and reviews:

Wednesday & Saturday – Site updates will happen on these days. Topics can be on anything.
Saturday – Along with new site update, a Podcast will be launched.
Tuesday – New review.

So, that is the new lineup. Pretty groovy…


So, I’m pretty excited to watch The Decemberists, and Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report on Comedy Central, go at it in a Guitar Solo Challenge after The Decemberists “stole” the idea of Colbert’s “Green Screen Challenge”. I’m not so sure who I think will win. Will guitarist, Chris Funk, out due Colbert and show him who’s the god of indie prog/rock? Or will Colbert prove himself worthy of an apology from Colin Meloy and The Decemberists?

Top 15 Albums To Get Lifted To

December 19, 2006 by

People are always saying that what they love about tripping, is the feeling of floating, or the many laughs and peeing-of-the-pants that may occur. In my case, my favorite thing about getting baked is listening to some good albums that inspire me to do things I wouldn’t be doing now. If it wasn’t for music I wouldn’t be learning how to play the instruments I own, writing my repulsive reviews, or reading books. I’d be playing video games, while singing some Metallica. That sounds horrible.
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December 15, 2006 by

I feel that I need to update you, the reader, on things that are happening to the blog and the team consisting of my counter-part and peice, Joshua, and myself. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but last night around this same time, Joshua came to me through one of the only good programs that was released by AOL, AOL Instant Messenger. All he had to say to me was that I’m completely losing myself, and that every time he lays his eyes on me, all that he sees is shit. I sound like shit and even look like it almost 97% of the time I go outside of my house. 100% when indoors.

Well readers, I don’t hate Joshua at all for his words of anguish. Instead, I take them as words of truth and pity. Joshua has everything together for himself; some good grades, a good gal, and the power to shred. I, on the hand, am a loner who seeks someone and something to talk to, but when it comes down to it – I am a disappointment.
Tell you the truth, I have no reason for telling you this. None what-so-ever. Just feel like I need to be more open to those who read this rubish.

With Love and Squalor,
Ian C.